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Thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our virtual Fun Run at the end of the school year.  Although we didn't meet our rather ambitious target, you did collectively raise almost £7000, which is amazing!  The SmartBoards have now been installed in the Maths Department and later in the term, we are going to be speaking to students and teachers to find out what a difference they are making!


Becky High Pirate Fun Run 2021

This year we are asking students to run the Fun Run the weekend of the 17th - 18th July around where they live rather than in school on the last day of term.  This is because we want to limit the possibility of anyone having to self-isolate for the first 10 days of the summer hols - which would be rubbish!  But, it will still be lots of fun, you can get your whole family involved and we're still offering an Apple Watch to the student who raises the most!

So what are we raising money for? Well, the Maths Department is in desperate need of six new Smartboards costing £16,000 so we have set each student a £200 fundraising target in the hope that we can collectively reach this figure.  However, we understand not everyone will be able to raise this much, so anything you can raise will be greatly appreciated. Your individual fundraising link will arrive in your inbox on the 29th June and when it does please share it with as many family and friends as possible.  Your link is unique to you, so everything you raise will be attributed to you.  Your link is worked out as follows:


So, for fictional student Joanna Smith in 7BHU = www.peoplesfundraising.com/fundraising/Joanna-S-7BHU

Below are two films worth watching!

Finally, if you have any questions, please email Mrs Melvin or your Heads of House: