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Margaret Hamilton was an American computer scientist, systems engineer and business owner. She was the leading director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed onboard flight software for the Apollo space program. 

As a leading woman in what was seen as a man’s industry, she should not only be seen as an inspiration to aspiring female scientists and engineers but by all who aspire to change and shape the world. She a fitting idol for students at Becky High due to the impact she had on the engineering industry and because she proved that a woman can make it in a male-dominated world, which is firmly encouraged! 

Hiya, my name is Keira, and I am the new Head of House for Hamilton. I take Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level.

I am so excited to see what Millie and I can bring to the Hamilton House team for the upcoming year. Being Head of House is a role I have always aspired for, I love the school House spirit and within this role I want to be able, with help from the student prefect team, to get every single student involved in house competitions, games and more. Head of House is a great opportunity to help restore the Becky High House spirit in-person after two years of online sports days and virtual house competitions.

Therefore, I am most looking forward to sports day this year, we will hopefully get to partake in an in-person Sports Day and support Hamilton House graciously, restoring the exciting atmosphere of Becky High spirit. And, fingers crossed, win lots of House Points!

Hello, my name is Millie and I am taking A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish and I am one of the Heads of House for Hamilton.

I am so excited to see our House do well this year in all the exciting House competitions planned.

I love animals and joining in with team activities outside of school like DofE skills which I believe will help me motivate our House and keep up moral support.

Kiera and I look forward to meeting all of you and getting as many House points as possible!