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Margaret Hamilton was an American computer scientist, systems engineer and business owner. She was the leading director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed onboard flight software for the Apollo space program. 

As a leading woman in what was seen as a man’s industry, she should not only be seen as an inspiration to aspiring female scientists and engineers but by all who aspire to change and shape the world. She a fitting idol for students at Becky High due to the impact she had on the engineering industry and because she proved that a woman can make it in a male-dominated world, which is firmly encouraged! 

Hi! My name is Zara and I am very excited to be one of Hamilton’s Head of House Prefects this year! 

I am currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics and I’d like to go into engineering in the future. I am very passionate about my sports, hockey and rugby, which I enjoy both playing and coaching and I absolutely love to ski. In any free time I have left after that, I play the drums, enjoy baking and love watching the Red Roses! 

As Head of House this year, I am looking forward to working with Megan to be a friendly and approachable face around school, so please feel free to speak to me if you see me around! I’m looking forward to working with you guys to make sure you all get a chance to compete for your house and represent it in a range of competitions. I hope you’re all as excited as I am for a year full of house spirit and fun! Let’s go Hamilton! 

Hi, my name is Megan, and I will be one of Hamilton’s Head of House Prefects this year. I currently take Biology, Psychology and PE A-Levels. 

This year, I would love to see the students in Hamilton House engage with and bring their amazing house spirit to all the inter house events such as Sports Day, the Christmas fair and any new competitions. As I have been in Hamilton since I started the school in year seven, I know that we have a very capable group of students, so I would love to see us win lots of house points and maybe even the House Cup!  

I am a keen sports player, playing softball and hockey myself and coaching and giving back whenever I can. I love watching women’s football in my free time, especially the England Lionesses! I also love baking and reading.