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Admissions FAQs

Year 7 admissions

If I live in the BHS catchment area, what are my chances of getting a place?
In September 2018, the Published Admission Number for Year 7 is 180 and therefore we hope to be able to offer most all qualified first preference applicants.

How can I find if I live in the school’s catchment area?
There is a catchment area map on our website and also on the BCC website. Please contact the admissions team.

What if I do not live in the school’s catchment area, but want my child to attend Beaconsfield High?
It is an equal preference scheme which means you should put BHS as your first choice. You will not lose a place at your catchment area school if you include it as one of your preferences. If a place is available, it will be allocated according to our admissions policy criteria. If a place is not available you can accept the place offered and ask to go on the waiting list for BHS.

In what order are the admission rules applied?
Highest priority is given to any students in public care and those in receipt of free school meals. Once any such places have been allocated, places are offered to students living in the school’s catchment area who have sisters in Years 7-13 at the time of admission and then to qualified students living within catchment ranked by distance.

What if I live outside the school’s catchment area?
Once places have been allocated to all qualified students living in catchment, places will be offered firstly to qualified students living outside the catchment with sisters in Years 7-13 attending the school at the time of admission. Finally, any remaining places will be offered on the basis of distance from the school. Please note that transfer test score is not taken into account in the allocation ranking but all students must be deemed qualified. In recent years we have admitted some students living outside the school’s catchment area.

What if I live outside of the Local Authority of South Buckinghamshire?
You should apply for a place through your own Local Authority and return your form to them in genuine order of preference. You must also register your daughter with BCC for the Transfer Test. The deadline for this is around 1 July in the year preceding proposed admission. See Bucks County Council website for full details

What if my daughter does not qualify?
Please consult BCC’s website for full details of the 11+ Selection Review and Appeals process

How do I apply to join Year 10?
For admission to Year 10, please complete this application form and send to the Admissions team at the school address.

Sixth Form admissions

Are the entry requirements the same for external applicants as they are for existing students?
The application process and requirements are exactly the same, although every applicant is reviewed and considered individually.

What is the dress code for Sixth Formers?
Our dress code in the Sixth Form is designed to allow students to express their individuality and personal style within the confines of a school environment. ?Students are encouraged to look smart at all times. Leisurewear, including leggings and hoodies, is not permitted.

I’m thinking about taking a fourth A-Level. What do I need to consider?
We highly recommend that only the most able students, achieving at least 64 points from their best 8 GCSEs, should consider taking 4 A-Levels. You should consider all other commitments, as the results for your best 3 A-Levels should remain the priority.

What are facilitating subjects? Do I need to study three to get a place at University?
The eight recognised facilitating subjects are Mathematics and Further Mathematics, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages (Classical and Modern). Not all of your courses have to be facilitating subjects, although if you are unsure at this stage what you would like to study at university, taking at least two facilitating subjects will give you a wider range of choice.

Do I have to do the EPQ as part of my A-Level programme? I’d rather focus on another area of interest.
The EPQ is widely recognised and valued by universities, and by including it in the programme we are ensuring you have the best possible opportunity to access your preferred university.