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Getting Life Ready - skills for the future

Getting Life Ready is the foundation upon which we will build remarkable learners and remarkable future citizens.

Teachers reference and signpost the specific GLR skills in lessons so that students will become adept at recognising in themselves their own strengths and areas for improvement. The school's marking strategy - SIT marking - is crucial to ensure progress. Students need to reflect on strengths and improvement tasks, seek assistance if needed through collaboration with other students and staff, perhaps be resourceful enough to help themselves and show resilience by taking on board feedback and making necessary changes.    

Praise system

Students across all key stages receive ‘Praise on a Postcard’ for one off remarkable achievement, progress, community involvement, effort, attendance and resilience.  These postcards are worth 25 house points, and whatever rewards you, as parents choose! 

Getting Life Ready merits are awarded to help students develop all the GLR skills. Once a full set of merits is achieved students will receive a GLR Commendation in recognition of ongoing development of this important skillset and approach to learning.  GLR Commendations are worth 50 house points.