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 Exam Timetables 

Year 12 Assessment Timetable (7th June 2021)

Year 10 Assessment Timetable (13th May 2021)

Year 13 Assessment Timetable (1st April 2021)

Year 11 Assessment Letter (23rd March 2021)

Year 11 April Assessment Week 1 Schedule (23rd March 2021)

Year 11 May Assessment Week 2 Schedule (23rd March 2021)

Year 13 March Assessment Schedule (25th February 2021) 

Information for Candidates  

Information for Candidates - Covid-19 Mitigation Procedures Examinations

Information for Candidates -  Written Exams

Information for Candidates -  Controlled Assessments

Information for Candidates -  Non Examination Assessments

Information for Candidates -  Coursework 

Information for Candidates - Guidelines when referring to examinations/assessments through social media

Information for Candidates -  Privacy Notice 

Information for Candidates -  On Screen Tests

Warning to Candidates

Information for Candidates - English Department Policy on Plagiarism 

Beaconsfield High School GCSE Exam Guidance Booklet 2019-20 

Result dates for all Autumn exams

  • AS and A-level results will be out on Thursday 17 December.
  • Results for GCSE Maths, GCSE English Language, Functional Skills, the AQA Certificate and Level 3 Extended Project will be out on Thursday 14 January.
  • All other GCSE results will be out on Thursday 11 February.

Reviews of Centre Assessed Marking  

 In line with JCQ requirements, pupils may request a review of the marking of internally-assessed coursework and controlled assessments at GCSE and A level. We will inform students of centre assessed marks in order to enable students to request a review of the marking.

A review of marking is not a remark, but a review of the process to ensure that the mark scheme and marking procedure were followed correctly. BHS does have internal moderation procedures in place that mean departments have already considered the accuracy and consistency of any internal assessment before marks or grades are awarded to students, so reviews are not anticipated but are available if requested.

Review of Centre Assessed Marking 2020 : Policy  

Request for Review of Centre Assessed Marking 2020 : Form    

Exam Board Entry Fees

AQA Entry Fees 2019-20 

OCR Entry Fees 2019-20 

Pearson-Edexcel Entry Fees 2019-20

WJEC Entry Fees 2019-20

 Private Candidates

Students wishing to enter as private candidates for Summer exams must email Mrs Cunningham on Cunnin-L@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk in early January and all paperwork must be completed by 31st January.   A statement of entry will be emailed to the candidate as confirmation.  

No entries will be accepted after this date.  For any inquiries after the closing date has passed, please see the link to private exam centres below:-