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Extra-Curricular Activities

Below are the lunch and after school clubs currently running this term, and a list of the trips we offer during the school year, with associated costs. 

Lunch and after school clubs

From Amnesty Soc, Pride Soc, and Dungeons and Dragons to Great British Bake Off Bakes, sport and music clubs, there are a whole host of clubs, teams and workshops available to challenge your mind, test your body and inspire your soul. The 2023 -2024 Programme can be viewed below and downloaded via this link.  The PE timetable can be downloaded here

lunchtime clubs and societies 2023 24 non sport related.pdf

Trips and residentials

Below is a document that lists out the trips and associated costs we would normally offer during the school year. These events and figures are for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY and the costs are approximate and may increase or decrease depending on a number of factors.  The list is not exhaustive and additional trips added trips may be added during the course of the year. 

bhs educational visits by year group.pdf