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Parks House is a very special House at Beaconsfield High School and was named after Rosa Parks, an activist in the civil rights movement and best known for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Her determination and courage were key traits and influence what we aspire to achieve at Beaconsfield High School.

Rosa Parks was also known for her ability to accept which is the kind of attitude we celebrate at Beaconsfield High School and is also one of our school values - respecting our environment whilst respecting ourselves and others within the School community.  In addition to this, a key value at Beaconsfield High School is having respect for learning and the way in which we learn, which is epitomised by Rosa Parks.

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia and I am one of the new Heads of House for Parks. I am currently studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level and my other interests include various sports such as netball, athletics and ballet.  I also play the piano.

My aim as Head of House for the coming year will be to encourage students to get more involved in activities and initiatives that are currently being provided by the school, but also to introduce new ones.

I am very excited to help students get back into a normal school routine and this role is an amazing opportunity to give back to the school community. Abbi and I are looking forward to seeing students, across all year groups, participating in events and we can’t wait for Sports Day!

Hey everyone! My name is Abbi and I am one of your new Heads of House for Parks. I wanted to be Head of House this year to encourage others to reach their future aspirations. I am passionate when it comes to something that really matters to me and I want to encourage others to feel the same way about their future. I can’t wait to make everyone’s experience at Becky High the best it can be.

I currently study Economics, Business, Geography with an EPQ. I also study A-Level Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance (London) in my spare time. I enjoy motorsport, predominantly Formula One, and hope to work in that industry in the future.

Sophia and I cannot wait to introduce ourselves and get lots of exciting competitions/ events up and going - especially Sports Day!