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Parks House is a very special House at Beaconsfield High School and was named after Rosa Parks, an activist in the civil rights movement and best known for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Her determination and courage were key traits and influence what we aspire to achieve at Beaconsfield High School.

Rosa Parks was also known for her ability to accept which is the kind of attitude we celebrate at Beaconsfield High School and is also one of our school values - respecting our environment whilst respecting ourselves and others within the School community.  In addition to this, a key value at Beaconsfield High School is having respect for learning and the way in which we learn, which is epitomised by Rosa Parks.

Hey everyone! My name is Aleeha and this year I am delighted to be be serving as your Head of House for Parks, alongside the fabulous Eisha and Florence.

Part of my reason for wanting to be a Head of House is volunteering, helping out and guiding the lower years really appeals to me and is something I believe I am good at. For those of you who know me, I really care about inspiring everyone and getting people involved in “creative” ways - and this role provides the best opportunity for me to do so!

I am currently taking A level English Literature, Sociology, History and an EPQ on film. Outside of school, I absolutely love watching and making films, as well as writing and burning whatever I bake!


Hello, everyone! My name is Florence, and I am one of the Head's of House for Parks. For A level, I am studying History, Philosophy and Ethics and English Literature with an EPQ. I also love music particularly singing; you may recognise me from various choirs at school, which are just a few of the far too many school clubs I participate in or run.

I wanted to be Head of House because I thrive in leadership roles and I enjoy interacting with people (some may say too much, I say not enough).

My main aim as Head of House for the coming year will be to motivate students to get more involved in activities and initiatives offered by the school, as well as to introduce new ones. I hope to be a friendly face in the school community, whilst also bringing a lot of energy and spirit to House events, particularly Sports Day – which, of course, Parks shall win.

Aleeha, Eisha and I are honoured to be your new Head's of House and we cannot wait to meet you all. We have much planned, so watch this space. Go Parks!

Hey everyone! My name is Eisha and I am one of your Head's of House for Parks.