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Benazir Bhutto was the first female prime minister of Pakistan and the first female Muslim prime minister in the world. She is an inspiration not only to women around the world but to every individual.

We work hard to ensure Bhutto students feel part of the House community by building friendships and encouraging team spirit. 

In the spirit of Bhutto, we are strong, resilient and courageous in order to be the best we can be. We create a society of students who look up to Benazir Bhutto and look out for each other throughout their time at Beaconsfield High.

Hey! My name is Sadie, I am one of your new Bhutto Heads of Houses and I am really excited to get to know all of you! I really wanted to be a Head of House as it allows me to bring new ideas and ensure Bhutto thrives with House spirit.

I want to make our House feel more of a family, and it is important to me that everyone feels included and proud to be part of Bhutto.

I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy and Ethics, I have competed at national level for swimming and in the summer of 2021 I am swimming the English channel. Emily and I are really excited to be your Heads of House and we're especially looking forward to our House assemblies and Sports Day (let’s try and win!)

Hello, my name is Emily! Sadie and I are so excited to be your Heads of House and are looking forward to getting to know you more.

I am so grateful for this role and hopefully, this year means we will be able to have fun in school with events such as Sports Day and other House competitions. I want to bring more House spirit and to make sure everyone is included. I am really excited about coming up with fun new ideas and hopefully winning some House points too!  

And finally a bit about me, I study Psychology, Chemistry and Biology and I enjoy swimming, seeing my friends and meeting new people.