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Rambert House is named after Dame Marie Rambert, a Polish-born dancer who exerted great influence on British ballet, both as a performer and a teacher. Throughout her life and career, she showed great resilience in pursuing what she truly desired as she lacked the support and encouragement she needed from those around her. This determination led to the creation of Rambert Dance Company, previously Ballet Rambert, which is still highly influential and respected in the dance industry to this day. 

Dame Marie Rambert was chosen to represent a House at Beaconsfield High School because of the way in which her life represents the aims and values of Beaconsfield High - for all students to strive to achieve, to empower themselves and to show leadership.

Hi everyone, my name is Inès and this year I am excited to be one of your new Rambert Heads of House. I can't wait to help us compete in the wide variety of upcoming events and activities (and hopefully encourage some more House points!) 

I am studying Psychology, English Literature, Spanish and Maths at A-Level and outside of school I like to immerse myself in music and books. I work with young kids, so I’d like to think that I’m a fairly patient individual – feel free to come and have a chat at any time. 

I look forward to meeting all of you and working together to evoke some house spirit. I hope that this year will be a fresh start, and that Riley and I can help motivate you all to get involved and support you throughout the year.  

Hi, my name is Riley and I am so excited to be one of the new Heads of House for Rambert. I am extremely excited to work with students up and down the school to bring House spirit by whatever means possible.

I hope to bring new events that different pupils can take part in to help our House excel in the race between Houses this year! I hope that through this role I can help students feel a sense of unity at this school within their form but also between year groups through different opportunities we can put together. 

I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and English Literature and I love the mind and hope to pursue this in the future at university and possibly my future career. I also love to dance and have been a part of a dance academy since the age of 3.