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Dame Kelly Holmes became a double gold Olympian in 2004 in the 800m and 1500m track events. Before she became an Olympian, she joined the army at the age of 17 and eventually became the face of MoneyForce, an organisation that offers money advice to the UK Armed Forces.

As a community, we Holmie students believe that ‘Holmes is where the heart is’. We always give back to those who have helped us; be that to our teachers, mentors or parents.

We value each and every member of our House. It took Dame Kelly Holmes 22 years to achieve her double gold after going through critical depression and injury, and she still came through on top. She started at 12 and got to where she wanted to be at 34.

We should never give up on our hopes and dreams, as Holmes has shown us that through determination and resilience we can all succeed. At Beaconsfield High School we believe that everyone can get over any obstacle in order to achieve their aspirations.

Hi, I’m Josy and I’m one of the Heads of House for Holmes this year. 

I currently study Maths, Psychology and PE A levels. I enjoy sports, especially hockey which I play, coach and umpire at my club, and skiing which I am also an instructor for.  

I’m really looking forward to taking on my role, and wish to create a good inter-year community, that can have amazing house spirit. I would like to be a friendly, approachable face for other students and want to encourage others to take part in as many House events, such as sports day! 

Hello, my name is Felicity and I am one of the new Heads of House for Holmes, a role which I am very excited to take on having only joined the school recently for Sixth Form. I study English Literature, Biology and PE. My hobbies include gymnastics (competing inside and outside of school), coaching, and playing the piano.  

As Head of House, I aim to motivate students to get involved in extracurricular activities, especially ones which are perhaps out of their comfort zone.  I intend to organise and run new activities in addition to the current ones. I am a friendly face around school, being approachable and able to give advice when asked.  

As Head of House, I am excited about sports day, which I am confident that we can win! I hope to unite all years together into a friendly and competitive space, inspiring each other throughout the year. 

I am very excited to meet you all and can’t wait to fulfil my role.