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A day in the life…

The minute you walk through the school gates you see one of your friends from Book Club and wave hello. Everyone is laughing and talking excitedly on their way to their Form Rooms.

Your first lesson is Drama, where you take on the Greek theatre and learn the theoretical knowledge behind this ancient form of performance. After that it’s off to PE, where you’ll test your Badminton skills in the Sports Hall.

I was a little bit scared on the first day, but as soon as I found my Form Room I saw all my friends I had made on Induction Day! Everyone was very friendly.

History is next and you’re learning all about ‘Power and Control’, looking at the establishment of dictatorships – it’s a tough lesson because of what you hear about but your teacher still manages to make it enjoyable.

I love being in Bhutto House! We all competed in Sports Day together so I got to meet some of the older girls. When I get House points I feel really pleased that I’ve done something for my team.

By lunchtime, you’d love to dig into one of Roger’s famous hot meals, but you opt for a sandwich instead to take with you to Coding Club.

Afternoon comes and your Biology teacher is helping you to see our planet in a very different way as you make the most of the new science lab's facilities and equipment!

It’s almost time to go home and start your allocated homework. But first, you’re off to rehearsals for the annual Dance Show. The Dance teachers shows you the choreography to a Street Dance piece that will open the show, before sharing her ideas for the secret finale.

At first, I thought I wouldn’t get all of my homework done each night, but I soon got used to it, and now I like to compare answers with my friends!

Learning, friendship and fun await you at Becky High.