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Issue 4, May 2019
Issue 3, April 2019
Issue 2, February 2019  
Issue 1, December 2018

A note from Annabel Bidmead, Editor-in-Chief

When I first, offhandedly suggested the idea of restarting the school paper to my now editing team I never in a million years thought they would actually agree. This was back in October 2018, the 11th to be exact, when the sixth form workload hadn’t quite kicked in and we all had time to sit around and, to put it simply, waste time.

But I guess that day everyone was feeling optimistic because, I kid you not, less than five minutes after me mentioning this idea, the five of us were sat in Mrs Williams' office proposing our idea to her - and looking back it’s crazy to think how much we have achieved since that Thursday period 2 lesson sat in the canteen, with absolutely nothing to do. Countless editorial meetings, logo designing, poster printing, promoting in assembly, proofreading, editing, and crying when the first issue finally came together, have all since filled our time and to say I’m amazed this all actually worked in the end is an understatement! I’m pretty sure every one of us pulled an all-nighter to get this off the ground but against all odds it worked.

Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. To Mrs Williams and Mr Mortimer for all the help and support, all of you who submitted and all of you who will read this, maybe today, maybe this week... But I guess the most important thank you is to my absolutely phenomenal editing team. None of this would have happened without you and for that I am so grateful. Lucy, Cal, Zara and Frey; I think we just about pulled this off, don’t you?