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Issue 6, December 2019

Issue 4, May 2019

Issue 3, April 2019

Issue 2, February 2019  

Issue 1, December 2018

A note from the current editorial team

Taking over the management of Spotlight with a much bigger team, we were well aware of the challenges which could arise from having five editors-in-chief. Although we had previously never spoken to one another, we all had one thing in common: our desire to carry on the legacy of Spotlight, created just a year ago by previous editor Annabel. It seems such a long time ago since we had our first meeting, all eager to get going, but also very unsure whether we would be able to successfully coordinate our huge team of almost 25 sub-editors!

After we had published our first issue, we realised how Spotlight really couldn’t happen without the dedication and willingness of the sub-editors and of course, Mrs Williams for proof-reading the issue. We would also love to say a massive thank you to all those who submitted an article, short story or was in some way involved- thank you so much for making Spotlight what it stands for- a student-led magazine which truly showcases the talent and potential of the students at Becky High.

Please have a read of Spotlight; maybe the fantastic articles will convince you to also contribute and be a part of the community the Spotlight has created!