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The House System and Senior Prefects

The House system is what brings students together across the different year groups.  Read on to find out more about our six Houses, the latest House Point totals, the women each House represents, and the 12 students elected as their Heads of House. 

Our Sixth Formers are role models for the rest of the school, leading by example and working together to ensure the voice of every student at Becky High is heard. The wide variety of Senior Prefect roles on offer means students can choose the position that plays best to their strengths.  All roles enable students to develop skills and gain experience in key areas including organisation, addressing large groups, driving change, and harnessing their passions – skills that will enable them to go on to leadership roles in the future and allows them to become confident, resilient individuals.  

Home of the Houses

Welcome to the home of the Houses! Here you'll discover what lies at the very heart of your House, what you can do day-to-day to earn those precious House points, and what activities we have planned to create maximum House spirit! At the core of our House system lie some key values that carry us all through life, these will be familiar to you, as they are the cornerstones of our Getting Life Ready initiative.  

The latest House Points from last week are shown below!













Click on your House to discover what inspired your name and to meet your Heads of House for this year!