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Physical Education

Physical Education has continued to have a high profile within the school, and is considered to be a thriving and successful department by students, staff, parents and the local community.

Our vision is to for all to students to experience outstanding Physical Education (PE), Physical Activity and School Sport that will lead to lifelong participation. Alongside this we aim to provide an outstanding academic route through GCSE and A Level. In addition, we aim to continue to be at the forefront of teaching and learning to maximise every student’s potential in the PE.

‘Maximising Participation and Developing Excellence’

Through our curriculum we aim to foster personal responsibility within our students, equip them with lifelong skills that they will transfer into their everyday lives, and give them the opportunity to develop into healthy, active citizens in the future. We provide an enthusiastic and enjoyable environment, while offering the opportunities for progress along the pathway to excellence for our more talented students.

Students all have two, one hour PE lessons a week in Y7-11 and can choose to do GCSE and A Level PE and Dance as well. In 6th form students have a lesson every Wednesday afternoon for 1hr.

Physical Education Curriculum Intent 

Our intent in years 7-9 is to offer an exciting and enriching range of sporting activities that allow all students to make progress and develop a love for health, physical activity and sport. Our aim for students is to develop a range of core skills in various games and activities. In addition to the core skills students will also develop decision making processes in order to show problem solving skills. They will also develop their ability to apply basic tactics and strategies, highlighting their knowledge and teamwork, within a game and practice context to try and outwit opponents.  Lessons promote personal learning and healthy active lifestyles and we offer students the opportunity to experience roles other than performer such as coach, leader, umpire as this may inspire students to take a different path in sport.

To further challenge students and develop /enhance a wider understanding of PE and sport we  introduce GCSE PE/  Dance language and terminology in years 7-9 and cover some key GCSE concepts such as fitness development. This is to help encourage progression onto exam based PE and Dance courses. 


 Years 7, 8 & 9 

Students learn a wide range of sports across the year in their curriculum PE lessons: hockey, netball, gymnastics, dance, badminton, basketball, TT, fitness, tennis, Trampolining athletics and softball as well as doing some basic PE theory within their practical lessons. We also place a strong focus on developing students wider life skills, throughout our lessons teaching will embed our Heart, Heart, Hands assessment model which looks at a developing key skills through sport and activity.  



 Year 10 and Year 11

Year 10 and 11 builds on the core skills and tactical abilities learnt in years 7-9 with the aim of providing a greater understanding and enjoyment for the participant as they are able to both understand and appreciate the activity at a higher level.  In a high achieving Grammar School this stage of sport facilitates the students’ ability to build on mental and social skills such as resilience, mental health, independence, co-operation, teamwork, respect, discipline and leadership growth within lessons.  We offer a refined core curriculum pathway to allow students find a physical activity that they continue in life beyond school. Students can opt for the aesthetics route, games route or combined route and can complete a recognised sports leadership qualification.  We find allowing students to have more ownership and control over their physical activity promotes a more collaborative approach of learning between students and staff.



KS5 core 

Through the provision a Wednesday enrichment afternoon we provide opportunity for both competitive and recreational sporting experiences and work with the community options.  Elite teams are offered training sessions and matches, we run recreational sports sessions where the students decide the activities, dance is led by students and yoga and squash led by specialist instructors. We also offer the Level 3 sports leadership and level 2 Dance leadership course and run this alongside the delivery of primary link work. 



Extra-Curricular: All Years

The PE curriculum is well supported by an extensive range of extra-curricular activities offered both at lunchtime and after school. The ethos of the PE department is one of sport for all and as such we aim to give every student the opportunity to develop their full potential and enjoy the benefits that physical activity brings. We offer opportunities that allow our students to be a regular member of our top performing squads or have the chance to participate for fun. We hope that our students leave us with a love of sports participation which will stay with them throughout their lifetime. Clubs and teams are offered in a wide and varied range of activities which include Dance, Cheerleading, netball, hockey, indoor hockey, rounder’s, Softball, Trampolining, tennis, table tennis, football, athletics, cross-country and gymnastics. Girls can also compete in rowing, trampolining and swimming.


Inter-house competitions are held throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for all students to participate and bond in their Houses. These events are led by sports leaders and house prefects.

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