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Perks & Benefits

Without the remarkable talent and impeccable standards that our staff possess we would not be the top secondary state school in the county. 

We value our staff and want to give back. That's why we're building a package of perks and benefits, to help make daily lives easier. And help with the odd treat where we can. 



Hump Week celebrations Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea - you choose your preferred activity and we come together as a staff community in the middle week of the half term. A little social treat for everyone.

TeacherPerks.co.uk We're a member of this fabulous discount and added benefits site. Top brands give back to school staff, from Expedia and Hotels.com, to Curry's, EE and The AA. Whatever department you sit in, whether you teach, manage or support our school administratively, you can access this perk. Sign up here: TeacherPerks.co.uk

Buddies Each new academic year we kick start our Buddy system, arranging for each staff member who takes part to receive a buddy in secret, and to be a buddy for another unknown colleague. We exchange regular gifts and pick me ups from a list of preferences and interests, and we all smile a little more. It's the simple things that count.

Local discounts Watch this space, as we're working to provide our staff with exclusive discounts at local businesses.

Onsite Services We'd love to bring in regular services like dry cleaning, massage therapy, beauticians, fitness and more. Are you interested? Do you have a suggestion? Please let us know.

Social Scene We know our staff value their relationships with their colleagues, and it's not always easy to have a catch up during school hours. So, we organise regular Friday night drinks in a local pub, rounders after school and break time cake. Plus, we'd like to start going further afield on occasional theatre trips, meals out and more. Do you have inspiration? Want to get involved in organising something? Let us know.