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We have an energetic and enthusiastic department at BHS with highly qualified and motivated staff who are passionate about the subject and are delighted to share their expertise.

We have an excellent suite of classrooms with new interactive whiteboards and access to a computer room and wireless notepads. Our aim is to provide a variety of approaches using different resources to keep lessons challenging and interesting.

Students enter the UKMT competitions and the Mathematical Olympiad. We also have our trip to Windsor in year 9 and our house challenge afternoon in year 7. A lunchtime help session takes place every week where our sixth formers and staff are available to help the younger students.


Mathematics - Curriculum Intent 

The intent of our department is to enthuse the students about Mathematics, to give them confidence and appreciation of not just the applications (although they are very important) but also of the aesthetic qualities of the subject.  

We aim to give them firm foundations for further study, to enable them to access all the varied careers that require confidence with mathematics by incrementally deepening their understanding of techniques year on year in the 5 year curriculum.  

The order of learning is agreed nationally, and as a department we broadly keep to this. Our ‘uniqueness’ in being a Grammar School however brings us the additional challenge of bringing out the best in exceptional students, and we strive to achieve this at all times by creating interesting activities and finding intriguing problems to solve. We set the students by ability in parallel sets from year 8 onwards in order to create a good level of challenge in the classroom and to ensure that some students can access Additional Maths FSMQ at the end of year 11.  

Our department firmly believes in innovation, energy and enthusiasm in our teaching and learning and our hope is that students enjoy our lessons and feel challenged whilst in a secure, supportive environment.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics

Students use the Collins Maths Frameworking Scheme, which provides excellent challenge in all areas of the curriculum, alongside problem solving, investigational and practical work.

From Year 8 onwards, students are set work that allows them to study in an environment which progresses at the correct pace. We are very keen that our students feel secure in their surroundings and that mathematics is an enjoyable, stimulating and worthwhile experience.



Years 10 and 11 GCSE Mathematics

Currently students at Beaconsfield High School are studying the Edexcel Specification Linear Course, but this is continually reviewed in the light of both external and internal factors. We use the Collins Connect online workbook and Mymaths, alongside a range of other resources including Mathswatch, which includes tutorial videos.

The Learning Objectives are available on Sharepoint and students can track their progress through the course. We are encouraging problem solving and critical thinking skills in line with the new expectations.

All students sit the Higher GCSE and the school gains excellent results. We expect many students to continue to A level Mathematics and Further Maths and have a pleasing number who continue to study Mathematics and related courses at University.