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Ofsted Report  

Beaconsfield High was last inspected by Ofsted on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2007 and was subsequently graded ‘Outstanding’.  The report can be downloaded here as a PDF file. Highlights of the report include:

  • Students’ high standards and achievements are a credit to the staff, governors and, not least, to the students themselves who work hard and make best use of the superb academic and pastoral support they receive.
  • The foundations laid by the school result in students leaving being well placed to be articulate, independent learners, responsible and mature individuals and successful in their future lives.
  • Standards are high in all years. Students make outstanding progress, particularly in Years 7 to 9. In 2006, in the end of Year 9 national tests, over two-thirds of students attained the highest level in English and science. Mathematics results were even more impressive.
  • Teachers know their students extremely well and what is needed to get the best out of them.
  • Teaching of this high calibre fosters a love of learning and encourages students to work independently.
  • The school takes great care of its students and staff show a strong commitment to meeting their needs.


Exceptional Schools Award

Beaconsfield High is one of only 45 schools nationwide to be recognised as an Exceptional School by the national body Best Practice Network. The Exceptional Schools Award exemplifies the excellence and uniqueness of outstanding schools, including the quality and consistency of teaching that Ofsted now expects, and is based on the attributes and practice of the best schools nationally.  You can download a copy of our report here.

Heather Clements, Senior Consultant for Best Practice Network, commented on the school after her review last academic year:

The accreditation process has shown not only that Beaconsfield High School is an ‘Exceptional School’, but that it is also highly ambitious, forward looking and puts the attainment and wellbeing of students at the heart of all it does. The findings of the review demonstrate that it is held in high regard by all its stakeholders and the students themselves are its best ambassadors.

Below are some of the comments made by the assessors of the award:

  • Standards of attainment and progress are excellent, but the school continues to strive for even further improvements through forensic analysis of the needs of individuals and providing appropriate support and intervention to ensure every girl achieves their potential.
  • The head teacher is a force of nature bringing a fresh perspective to the school, talent spotting to get excellent staff and increasingly looking outward to work with other schools.
  • The teachers have excellent subject knowledge and demonstrate a real pleasure in and passion for sharing their knowledge with the students. They know the students very well and go the extra mile to support them.
  • GLR help students see that life is not just about exams. They are engaged with it because they identify with it and see it as relevant.
  • Parents are universally positive about all that the school has to offer their daughters. They not only value the school’s very high aspirations but feel that the school offers much more than academic opportunities and provides a rounded education.
  • The students are a credit to the school. They thrive in the supportive environment, challenge themselves and each other, are appropriately respectful to adults and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Teachers’ strong subject knowledge leads to high levels of challenge in lessons and a creative approach to designing lessons.


Governor Mark

Last year, our Governing Body were awarded the prestigious Governor Mark, a national award supported by the Department for Education and a recognised kite mark of good practice. It provides external evaluation of the quality of governance in a school and is an opportunity to demonstrate how a governing body strives for excellence.

The work involved in gaining the award supports ongoing board evaluation and continuous improvement, and this was a key reason why the school’s governing body, then led by Chair of Governors Sarah Kucera, decided to apply for the award.