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Beaconsfield High School has an active Parents' Association in the form of the Friends of Beaconsfield High School (FoBHS). All parents and guardians are automatically members of this community and are invited to get involved in any way that suits.

What is the FoBHS and what has it achieved to date?

The FoBHS provides a link between parents and the school, and organises various events throughout the year, serving the dual purpose of strengthening the social bonds between parents and raising funds to provide vital extra items to improve the learning experiences of our students.

Since 2014, the FoBHS has raised more than £147,000 for the school, providing critical tools and resources.

The FoBHS works tirelessly to connect and strengthen our community too, organising:

Getting involved - why the FoBHS committee needs you

Paula Harrison, Chair of FoBHS:

We all lead busy lives but by donating your time or money to support Friends of BHS , you are really making a difference. We also manage to make it fun!

If you would like to find out how to get involved (a 30 minute shift on a stall or the bar really helps!) call or text me on 07973 887928.

Thank you.

Meet the FoBHS committee

Chair - Paula Harrison (Mum to Lola)

Paula has a daughter in Year 8 at the school and works full time for a global IT company delivering training for all new hires across EMEA. Family time, walking the dogs and a love of cooking for friends fills the time left.

I would love to see more parents get involved, have their say and shape the events that we plan, raising money is not the only goal but having a social community for all parents as well.

Treasurer - Gabby  Smith (Mum to Elodie and Daisy)

Having studied Chemistry and Law at Exeter University, Gabby qualified as a Chartered Accountant, training in an accountancy firm that specialises in charities and schools. After qualification, she worked as Finance Manager and Head of Finance at a number of charities and is currently Director of Finance for two charities, one that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders and the other that awards grants to support the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology.
In her free time, she likes reading, walking, spending time in Devon with her family, and cooking. 

I have daughters in Year 7 and Year 8 at Becky High so this is the perfect time to me to get more involved. By volunteering as Treasurer, I hope to not only help the school raise much-needed funds, but also stay connected with the school as my daughters  start their Becky High journey. 

Secretary - Kim Gill (Mum to Emily)

Kim has three children including a daughter currently in Year 13 at BHS. Her higher education and career have predominantly been in the hospitality industry, including owning and managing a late-night licensed venue for many years. She is currently fulfilling a part-time bookkeeping role and volunteering for the Scouting Association. Family, gardening, Ebay selling, social and dog walking, and friends keep her very busy when she's not working!

Having previously been involved in fund raising and supporting social events for other schools, I understand how important it is to connect with the wider school community, create fun and fond memories, all whilst raising vital school funds. I am keen to support the FoBHS team and contribute time to achieve exactly this for BHS.

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Becky High Hundreds Club

Becky High Hundreds is a numbers club which raises much-needed funds for our school, whilst also giving you the chance of winning the £150 prize fund.  You can join for £15/ year which includes six draws (two per term). Click here to sign-up!

Becky High Lottery

The Beaconsfield High School Lottery is part of the Your School Lottery. Tickets are £1 each and you can buy as little or as many as you like, you can even set up a monthly Direct Debit or recurring card payment to buy them. 40p of every ticket goes to Friends, 30p goes to the BHS prize fund and 6p goes to the jackpot.  Every week, a draw for the BHS prize fund takes place (like a raffle) and a BHS ticket holder will win.  The £25000 jackpot is an odds-based lottery where six numbers need to be matched in a row. You can buy your tickets by clicking the image above and the more tickets sold, the greater the amount of money raised for FoBHS (for example, 100 people/tickets for a year = £2080). 

Upcoming social events

All Friends' event tickets can be purchased here