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Quick Links


Donate regularly

There are many ways to support us, but one of best is via our Regular Giving programme. Regular monthly donations set-up by you, our parents are incredibly important as not only do they allow us to plan, but they also enable us to offer your children enrichment beyond that which can be funded by the money we receive from the government; which as you know, isn’t enoughLook at what parent donations helped to fund last year. 

Without these monthly donations, we wouldn’t be able to purchase equipment that both enriches your child’s learning and funds capital projects which improve your child’s learning environment. They really are crucial to the success of our school and your child!   You can set up your monthly donation below or if you want to go old school, you can download a copy of the standing order form and return it to us. Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation too!

Making a one-off donation

Making a one-off donation is very easy, simply click the link below to make one by PayPal or using a bank or credit card.

Payroll Giving 

This is an easy, convenient and tax-effective way to make a regular donation, which means you donate straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted) giving immediate tax relief on your donations. 

Matched Giving 

Many employers offer Matched Giving on monthly donations, normally you need to set this up directly with them, rather than using the links below.  Some companies will also match the amount of money you have raised doing a sponsored activity therefore doubling your efforts! Click here for a list of companies that offer Matched Giving or contact your HR Department.


Shop online to raise money for our school - over £9000 raised so far!

Sign up to our Easyfundraising cause and your online purchases will have a direct impact on your child’s time at Becky High! Donations like these mean we can undertake exciting capital projects sooner, upgrade our facilities and buy equipment all of which enriches your child’s learning environment. To make it even easier, if you install the Donation Reminder it tells you when a site supports Easyfundraising, so we'll never miss out on a donation.


You can also support your child's House using the links below.

There are over online retailers available, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Tesco and all will give a small percentage of what's been spent back to us to say thank you for shopping with them.  It's not limited to online retailers either, if you're switching utility companies, buying insurance or a holiday you can also raise funds.  Spread the word, ask family members to install the reminder too and they can donate whenever they shop. Help us stay remarkable, sign-up now! 

The 'what if'

What happens if we don’t increase our regular donations? Well, we will need to make some difficult choices in terms of the exciting projects we plan for every year, and the level of enrichment we are able to offer our students. But with our parents’ help, we won’t need to do this. So, have we done enough to convince you to sign-up?  How about this as food for thought: if 50 families agreed to donate £35 every month with Gift Aid, we’d have an additional £25,000 to invest in your child’s future at Becky High. Not bad eh?  

Got a question, why not email us!