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daretobe Conference #1

The Global Equality Collective: Uncomfortable Conversations - Overcoming Toxic Masculinity in Schools Conference was a huge success attended by 16 schools, a wide audience of students and parents to learn about the everyday behaviour, practices and policies in schools that we can address to create safe spaces for women in schools.



 Keynote speaker, author and leadership coach, Hira Ali, delivered a powerful speech exploring the current global climate for women economically, socially and academically. She shared practical advice schools could implement immediately to support gender equity and safety, whilst providing some very thought provoking questions for school leaders, parents and students to consider.   

 Nic Ponsford, co-founder of the Global Equality Collective, shared an engaging session on how schools can create equitable spaces, policies and practices to support healthy relationships and education in school. As a ex-teacher, Nic is aware of the secondary school climate; her advice and tips on overcoming problematic gendered behaviours were well received by all who attended.  



What was impressive was that the information was up-to-date, well-presented (if a little too quick at times) and highly topical. It was presented without ire and criticism and gave sound, sensible explanations. All the presenters came across to me as authentic and credible - examples of walking the talk.

The sessions were of an exceptionally high standard - well informed, interesting and engaged.  I enjoyed the variety of key note, panel discussion, presentations and the Head Teacher perspective at the end.  We watched this as a group of 12 comprising staff and senior students from our two adjoining schools - single sex girls and single sex boys - and this really enriched the day.  We were able to share ideas and perspectives throughout, and have identified actions both as individual schools and jointly.

Overall, it was superbly run and extremely relevant and relatable points of view being expressed in a fairly actionable way. It's extremely courageous and amazing to put on such a conference. I am extraordinarily grateful that I was able to take part.

The participation in the GEC presentation just prior was extremely strong and really powerful. I felt part of a conversation, listened to and respected. Being able to input in real time answers to questions about what makes feel uncomfortable and why...and seeing those responses so clearly presented... was just amazing! There were fantastic actionable take-aways from the GEC presentation. I have already forwarded this to many colleagues and people in  the part of government that I work with that I feel would benefit and perhaps also pass it on. Really useful resources 

We look forward to hosting and inviting you to our future events on uncomfortable conversations. If there are any topics you would like us to cover to support student learning and awareness, please feel free to email Zahara.