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Science - Curriculum Intent 

The Science curriculum aims to provide ALL learners with:

-a broad and balanced education, exploring ideas that have clear links to real-world applications;

-experiences to allow them to understand and explain the world around them;

-an environment with stimuli to challenge and develop their skills and knowledge;

-the confidence to be inquisitive and to approach challenges both calmly and logically, basing their conclusions on the evidence at hand.

The Science Faculty has set out a spiralling, yet ever-evolving curriculum where ideas are consistently revisited and logically linked to current learning. Connections between topics and subjects are clear, ensuring pupils have a broader understanding of the content being studied, helping them to make remarkable progress within the subject. This approach requires effective collaboration across departments within the school, ensuring cross-curricular links are drawn upon, and reinforced, resulting in a holistic, whole school approach to learning.  

As a result of this approach we aim to inspire a significant proportion of our cohort to study sciences beyond GCSE, and to foster the curiosity and confidence in all learners to ask “why?” when faced with the unknown and to actively seek and discover the answer.

Year 7 and Year 8 Biology

Students are taught Biology as an individual science by a team of amazing subject specialists. The aim of the KS3 Biology curriculum is to instil a passion for the subject, encouraging students to question and explore, whilst developing the key skills that form the basis for success in science. Analysing, applying knowledge and acquisition of scientific language are all key to success in Biology.

During Year 7, we study the foundations of Biology, including cell biology, ecology, reproduction and plant biology. In Year 8 students learn about metabolic processes and enzymes, health and disease and the principles of variation and inheritance.

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn in many different ways, including a range of practical activities. There are regular opportunities for assessment and students are well prepared to extend their knowledge into a GCSE course. 

Years 9,10 &11 GCSE Biology 

Students take three separate sciences at GCSE, which are taught from Year 9. The students are currently studying the academically rigorous OCR Gateway A Biology (J247) course.

The course consists of eight key areas: cell level systems, transport in organisms, systems in organisms, ecology, genes and inheritance, global challenges, working scientifically and practical skills.

Students learn using a range of techniques and are encouraged to approach tasks and questions logically, to apply their learning effectively and to articulate their ideas using key scientific terms.

There are regular opportunities for assessment and student progress is tracked, allowing staff to ensure the best possible outcomes at GCSE.