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Attendance, Absence and LOA

Governors and staff of Beaconsfield High School believe that it is vitally important that students attend school at all times. We are committed to providing a full and effective educational experience for all of our students and believe that attending every session contributes significantly to students making consistent progress in their school work and enjoyment of learning. We therefore expect excellent attendance and punctuality from all of our students in order for them to make the most of the opportunities that the school has to offer. We are always striving to achieve 100% attendance and we are hoping that we can work with you to get as near to this target as possible.

The Attendance Officer regularly monitors the attendance of all students, below are the expectations for good school attendance and the interventions in place if there is no good reason for the attendance being low e.g. long standing illness/ exceptional circumstances.  100% attendance will be rewarded by an Attendance Postcard and House Points termly.

97% - 100%  Expected attendance
95% - 96%

We would be concerned at this level and the Form Tutor will discuss attendance with the child

Below 95%     This is a cause for concern and would lead to an intervention by the Head of Learning
Below 90%    

This is a serious cause for concern resulting in possible Parental Contract Meeting

Student Absence - 01494 673043 

Extension #206 (Years 7 - 11)

Extension #223 (Sixth Form)

or via EduLink

If a student is absent from the school, it is vital that parents/guardians report via EduLink or by calling the school by 08:15 on the first day of absence on 01494 673043 to provide a sufficient reason for absence and every day thereafter, stating their child’s name, form group, the reason for absence (please give detail) and an expected date of return.  This information will be recorded in the register. 

Absences will be treated as unauthorised unless a satisfactory explanation for the student’s absence is given to the school. Parents cannot authorise absences. This decision rests with the school in accordance within the boundaries set by the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 1996. Where deemed necessary, the school reserves the right to request medical evidence to support absence due to illness.

Medical/Dental Appointments and Music Exams

If your child has a medical/dental appointment or music exam which cannot be arranged outside of school hours, please inform the school as far in advance as is possible:

Years 7 - 11 Sixth Form 
 attendanceofficer@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk sixthform@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk 

Where possible proof should be provided e.g. appointment card/letter from exam board. Please note that if your child is absent for AM registration or Period 5 (PM registration) their attendance percentage may be affected.  

Personal Responsibility of Students

If your child needs to sign out or in at any point in the school day, for a valid and authorised reason, they should use the InVentry system in main reception. They are also responsible for registering with Reception when attending music lessons or other school activities that require them to be out of lessons.

Where students miss lessons due to illness, external appointments, or internal school activities, it is the student’s responsibility to catch up on any work missed, this can be done via their nominated study buddy.

Leave of Absence

In exceptional circumstances, requests for Leave of Absence can be made to the Attendance Officer.  This may include requests to attend a wedding, a university visit/ interview, driving tests (not lessons), work experience, county level sport, and students in entertainment.

Any request for Leave of Absence for Year 7 - 11 should be made using the online form below or via a hardcopy of the Request for Leave of Absence form here.  Please allow at least two weeks’ notice between the request and the actual date for which you have applied.  Please include an explanation of why this leave of absence needs to be taken during term time. Once your request has been considered, a reply will be sent to the parental email(s) registered with the school or in the case of the Sixth Form directly to the student’s email.

Click here for Sixth Form LOA form. 

Please note that the School cannot lawfully grant leave of absence for family holidays, except under clearly exceptional circumstances, and requests for LOA, in line with Government Guidelines, will normally not be authorised.

Beaconsfield High School Attendance Policy 

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