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A very warm welcome back to our remarkable students and staff of years gone by! Our ever-evolving school may look a little different now but at our heart we are still a happy, high achieving, inclusive, diverse and dynamic learning centre.

We’ve seen so many exceptional women through our doors in our 50+ year history. Today we celebrate your successes in careers as varied as the military, law, geology, medicine, teaching, marketing, hospitality and physiotherapy, for organisations like ITV, EMI, BP, the NHS and HMP – with many entrepreneurs among you too! We hear that parenthood plays a huge part in your lives, with many either focusing their time on their children, or juggling work and parenthood. Whatever you've been up to since you left, we'd love to hear! Please join our community by completing the below form.


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Philanthropy comes in all shapes and sizes, from volunteering your time at our fundraising events or delivering a careers talk to the next generation of successful women, to giving back with a highly appreciated gift.

If you’d like to support our continuing efforts to discover and develop happy, high achieving students please follow one of the below steps. 


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