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Beaconsfield High School Academy Trust members:

Lorraine Couves 

Clare Lewis

Zoe Barrows

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Academy Articles of Association 

Academy Funding Agreement  

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 August 2020

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 August 2021

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 August 2022

Register of Governors' Interests

Governing Body Structure and Appointment Dates 

Governors Meeting Dates 2022-23 

Governor Roles and Responsibilities 2022 - 2023

Governor's Register of Attendance 2022 - 2023

Paid Trade Union Facility Time 2021 - 2022

Full Governing Body Agendas and Minutes 

Executive Pay

Number of staff receiving benefits totalling over £100,000

An Academy Trust is required to publish on its website in bands of £10k the number of persons receiving total benefits that exceed £100K. Total benefits include salary, employer pension contributions, termination payments and any other taxable benefits. For the year to 31 August 2022, this applied to 2 employees.

Salary Pension Total
Employee 1 £110K - £120K £20K - £30K £140K - £150K
Employee 2 £80K- £90K £20K - £30K £100K-£110K

Meet our full Governing Body

Interested in joining our Governing Body? 

The governing board at present does have elected parent governors as part of the team but there are no current vacancies. When a vacancy arises, I will write to all parents to ask if anyone would like to stand for the role of parent governor and I will ask for a pen portrait to share with parents. This will give a little information about yourself and why you want to be  a governor. If more than one parent stands then there is an election and all parents can vote.  

The remaining governors are appointed on a skills basis (some are parents and some are independent) depending on need. Presently, there are no vacancies and unless circumstances change and governors step down, I am not expecting a vacancy this year.  When a vacancy arises that could be filled by a parent, I would also write to the parent body to see if any parent was interested. Parents will be asked to share a pen portrait as above and a CV. The governors will then hold an interview process.  

When the need arises for a non-parent governor, we would approach supporters known to the school and will also register the vacancy on 'Inspiring Governance' (a website which matches those wanting to become governors with schools that have vacancies). The governors apply and there is a selection interview.  

Finally, if the governing board has a need for a specific skill set, it can co-opt a governor for an agreed amount of time, over and above its normal complement. At present the governing board may consider this for a governor with either an interest in facilities design,  health and safety or an experienced educational professional.