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A-Level Further Mathematics

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Mrs A Robinson


Why study this course?

A-Level Further Mathematics is an excellent foundation for both further study and employment. It is a particularly impressive qualification that demonstrates core intelligence, a logical mind and excellent problem-solving skills.

Someone wanting to study Mathematics as a degree would be well advised to take Further Maths. It is a requirement for many universities. It is also very useful for those wanting to study economics, actuarial studies, or any mathematics based subject.

What level of prior knowledge, attainment and skills are required?

  • Grade 9 GCSE Mathematics
  • Students need to have opted for Mathematics A level
  • High interest in the subject is essential

What does the course cover and how is it structured?

  • Half pure mathematics and half applied (statistics and mechanics)
  • Four textbooks are needed
  • Integral Maths subscription required
  • Regular testing occurs at the end of modules, plus a termly assessment which enables students to reflect on their progress and understanding

How is the course assessed?

  • Four 90 minute examinations at the end of the course. Two are pure and two applied
  • Each examination is equally weighted
  • No coursework

How can families help?

Enthusiasm for mathematics is essential. Visiting Universities or Museums, and listening to maths speakers would be helpful.