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7652 Miss Manley Manley-l@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk

The study of languages opens up a wide range of careers needing general academic  qualifications as well as those requiring specific linguistic knowledge. Learning a language greatly benefits study into higher education. Furthermore, an A2 Level in Languages will be useful for careers in the Civil Service, Law, charities and NGOs, politics, journalism, PR and Marketing, teaching, the Police Force and HM Customs, translation & interpreting, personnel management, social work, the media, education and many more.

What level of prior knowledge, attainment and skills are required?

Grade 7 GCSE.

Those who have enjoyed learning the language and culture at KS4, those who love to communicate with a wide range of people, those who love to explore the linguistic patterns and the cultural background of the language.

French will go well with all subjects; universities recognise that French shows students with good communication skills and good personable skills, which are highly recommended for any course.

What does the course cover and how is it structured?

We study various topics throughout the two years which cover aspects of French-speaking society, the current trends in Francophone countries, aspects of French-speaking society, artistic culture in the French-speaking world and aspects of political life in the French-speaking world.

We have a good focus on grammar throughout the two years. We also focus on literary texts; we usually select one book and one film from the specification that we study together.

How is the course assessed?

Listening, Reading and Writing is examined in one paper at the end of Year 13 and it is 50% of the A level. In this paper you are tested on all the modules from the year

Speaking is examined through one exam (Paper 2) at the end of Year 13 and it is 30% of the A level. You will need to prepare an Individual Research Project for this exam and be prepared to talk in depth about one of the topics covered in the year

Writing is examined in Paper 3 at the end of Year 13 and it is 20 % of the A level. In the exam, you need to write two essays on a literary text and/or a film. These texts and films are from a prescribed list.

How can families help?

Holidays to French Speaking countries are always so beneficial to A level students. It doesn’t have to be a long, just a day trip to visit the French Christmas markets. Finding an online French pen pal through a recommended and safe business can be beneficial. Visiting the French Institute Library in South Ken, which is a free resource to all the public or attending one of their French film showings, is highly recommended.

Watching films that you already love in French by changing their language in the set up. Listening to French music on Youtube, or watching French TV channels on Youtube or TV.