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60 Seconds with...

After the success of our 'Unseen Talent' series last year, we are running a new series in its place called '60 seconds with...' comprising of bite size interviews with our new teaching staff and then when we run out of those, our not-so-new teaching staff!

Mr Griffiths - Senior Assistant Head and DSL Lead

Ms Ganachaud - Director of Sixth Form

Mrs Sabharwal - CompSci Teacher

 Mrs Sattar - Assistant Headteacher

Miss Pritchard - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Gough - Head of Humanities

Mr Pearce - Head of Science

Mrs Robinson - Head of Maths

Ms Allen - Sociology Teacher

Mrs Embery - Head of PE

Mr Gleeson - Head of Year 7

Miss Brown - Head of Year 11

Miss John - Head of Year 9

Mr Tuen Matthews - Head of Chemistry

Miss Barker - Head of Year 10

Miss Humphreys - Head of Year 8

Mr Jennings - Head of CompSci

Mrs Mackerras - Head of History

Mrs Williams - Head of Politics