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Uncomfortable Conversations 

Uncomfortable Conversations is a series of webinars helping parents talk to their children about topics such as neurodiversity, anti-racism, gender equality and student wellbeing (to name just a handful of proposed webinar subjects).  Each webinar features an expert in the field as well as lived experiences from our diverse student body. 


 #1 Let's Talk About Race

Our first webinar will focus on anti-racism: how to have conversations about race at home with author and blogger Uju Asika. Uju has written the book Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World which is authentic, transparent, research based and filled with every question and answer all parents might have about race and racism. Uju makes an uncomfortable conversation safe and accessible for all parents and we are so happy she will be a part of our webinar series.  We also welcome a group of six students from our own community and The Beaconsfield School, and they discuss their own lived experiences of racism. 

 This webinar can be purchased via the Friends of BHS Ticket Tailor page and, if you're a Becky High parent, on ScoPay. Watch the three trailers below for a flavour of what you can expect.