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Our Academic Development Fund plays a fundamental role in creating an inspiring environment that greatly enriches our students’ learning.

It allows us to invest in the school for today’s students and future generations to come, in areas that our current government funding cannot reach.

Don’t let our location or position on the performance tables fool you. Despite our successes, we've always been one of the least-funded state schools in the country. Our whole community works incredibly hard to succeed despite a 50-year-old building and facilities that are working against us.

Make a difference today. SIGN UP NOW.


If every family across the school donated on a monthly basis we could make significant, education-shaping changes much sooner.

Take a look at our projections:

If 180 families donated at least…

(based on one six-form entry year group)

We’d have an approximate annual total of… And could fund…
£5 per month £10,800 up-to-date interactive white boards, better sports equipment and more musical instruments
£10 per month £21,600 whole classroom refurbishments
£20 per month £43,000 a refurbished Food Technology room
£30 per month £64,800 part of the building of a new Drama studio
£50 per month £108,000

the replacement of half of our aging astro turf

Why not donate a one-off amount?


Got a question? ADF@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk

Together, we can #BeRemarkable