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A helping hand

Giving your time to our community is such a valuable contribution and there are many ways to get involved and make a difference.

We've always been one of the least-funded state schools in the UK, so we really do need all the help we can get to enhance our school environment and, ultimately, our students’ experiences with us. Take your pic from helping the school, joining forces with fellow parents and networking with your child's Form Group of parents.

Let us know your preferred activity/ies from the list below and we'll be in touch!

  • Do you possess the skills, know-how or talent to support our activities? Photographers, natural born networkers, marketers, library assistants, DIY-enthusiasts - you name it, we need it!
  • Do you work for/own a business that might offer a relevant service/product or possess equipment/facilities to support us? Could you deliver an inspiring lecture to our aspirational young women?
  • Would your business benefit from exposure to our audiences? Let us know and we'll share our sponsorship and promotional opportunities.
  • Does your employer offer Matched Giving? Check the list.
  • Could you give an hour of your time to support one of our many extra-curricular clubs? See the breadth of what we offer students.
  • Do you have the license to drive a mini bus? You could support our elite and non elite sports women as they compete offsite.

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