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Our Vision & Values

Studying at Beaconsfield High School unlocks a child’s future, providing the skills and aptitude to enable them to thrive in the competitive worlds of higher education and work.

Our curriculum intent is to support a happy, high achieving learning community enriched by the opportunity to discover talents and passions. We plan and build our curriculum so that academic knowledge, enrichment and life skills match the high aspirations of our learners and allow them to make the strongest progress over time. This will prepare them to be the best they can be in school, as citizens in their community and in their future.    

We understand the pressures of studying in a high achieving learning environment. The reason ‘happy’ is one of the first words in our Vision is because we try our hardest to help students and staff with strategies that allow them to understand why they feel so pressured and in doing so, find the skills to manage this pressure.

The school has been delivering a highly successful academic culture for more than 50 years, and is now recognised as an Exceptional School. Students are challenged by remarkable teaching standards and benefit from the attention and respect of highly proficient, dedicated and conscientious staff. Leadership, respect, humility and morality, creativity and physical activity are just some of the additional life skills and behaviours that are taught on a daily basis.


Meet our Headteacher

Our community is vibrant, friendly and dynamic and we are proud of the open and supportive relationships between our staff and the students.

Having achieved the Exceptional Schools Award, Governor Mark and yet again some of the highest examination results in the county, we continue to develop our academic culture and the ethos of independence, resilience and confidence.

Over the next three years we will support our community's success with the Getting Life Ready programme as we recognise that mental health, wellbeing and personal confidence are key for our students' lives now and in their futures. I believe this will continue to provide an immediate advantage in the competitive worlds of higher education, degree-level apprenticeships and the workplace.

Beaconsfield High School students thrive in our environment; creatively, individually and academically and my staff reinforce the value of leadership, respect and independence. The Exceptional Schools Best Practice Network recently stated, "BHS states they aim to have 'talented students and develop them into rounded, successful and remarkable young adults in a modern, diverse, inclusive and dynamic school, a centre of excellence in and out of the classroom, and a happy community' and this was reflected in everything we saw on the audit day."

Despite being a grammar school, we are not an exam factory. Creativity is not squeezed out in the push for the traditional view of academic success and our music, drama and art departments are thriving. You can read more about our approach to the arts in my article for the Chartered College of Teaching.

We are rightfully proud of the supportive and caring pastoral system that complements the wealth of learning and extra-curricular activities provided by the dedicated staff. Our common goal is to help our students grow and develop into successful young adults, with a pride in their school, and in themselves.

I invite you to visit our school, where you will see and feel what makes us remarkable.

Rachel Smith

Proud Fellow 


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Hear from the Head Girl

I am incredibly proud to be a student at Beaconsfield High School, not because of its reputation as one of the top performing schools in the country but because of the happy and inclusive environment I experience every day.

The challenging academic curriculum is coupled with a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities and makes for the perfect balance, allowing every student to realise their personal and academic potential. There is something for everyone, regardless of skill level; it is not just about being the best, it is about developing interests and discovering new passions.  

We are lucky to be supported by amazing teachers who inspire us with the love of their subjects, encourage our curiosity and are generous with their freetime to enrich our learning. Their pastoral guidance is also invaluable in creating an educational setting where mistakes can be made, and lessons learned, without embarrassment or fear.  

The Getting Life Ready programme, with its focus on transferable life skills, underpins everything we do. Both in and outside the classroom we are encouraged to reflect, to collaborate, to take risks and to think critically so that when we leave school and make our way in the world, we do so as self-motivated, confident and independent young people.  

Alongside this, the House system brings together students across the full range of year groups, and offers Sixth Form students the opportunity to lead and be positive role models to younger year groups as they organise and manage a range of school and charity events.  

Beaconsfield High School is a wonderful place, which has played an important role in shaping me as the positive, responsible and confident young adult I have become. I feel honoured to represent the school I love as its Head Girl.     

Rachie Ing