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Year 9 head to university on Maths STEM Day

Mrs Z Sattar – Teacher of Chemistry

On Wednesday 20th June and Friday 22nd June Year 9 students attended a workshop on mathematics run by the University of Reading. The report below from Mia Webb and Kirsty Went (9RAM) summarises their experiences whilst attending the day on Wednesday.

On Wednesday the 20th, the Year 9’s had STEM day. A group of students and leaders from Reading University came in to run a few different STEM based activities with us. The majority of the morning consisted of one of the leaders talking to us about the evolution and history of maths, and different types of numbers including various sorting methods. She introduced to us a different perspective on maths; a Your Weekly Update from Beaconsfield High School philosophical view, as to whether maths is human or natural.

After break, we were taught about how weather is predicted. We used an equation to help us forecast the future weather of different cities throughout the UK. This taught us a lot about the study of meteorology and also how little changes can have a large impact on future forecasts. It was very interesting to learn how future forecasts are calculated. I think very few of us knew how complex it was.

Then in the afternoon, we were introduced to different cyphers and their uses. We did an exercise where we had to go round the room looking at different cyphers and then had to decode them in order to find out the clue that would allow us to spell out a famous mathematician’s name. This was ‘Turing’, the man who helped solve the enigma code in WW2.

Then finally, to finish the day, we took a personality test to find out the kind of learners we are and potential jobs that may suit us in the future, along with having a few questions answered by the students about university. Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting and we learnt a lot about the importance of STEM in the world we live in.