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The Diary of Our Africa Adventurers

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Blog 3: Sensational safari!


A completely incredible day - we saw sunrise, sunset, went in a land safari and a river safari (the Chobe River), and saw 4 of the big 5 - lion, elephant, giraffe, and hippo!

We clapped eyes on 3 of the ugly 5 too - vulture, baboon and warthog.

And saw a monkey puzzle tree.

The sunset was absolutely stunning.

All in all, it was a very tiring day but we're looking forward to repeating it all again tomorrow!

 Blog 2: The might and majesty of the Zambezi River

Today was Victoria Falls locally called ‘The smoke that thunders’. We walked along the top on the Zambia side of the falls seeing the huge volumes of water that were falling into the depths below; the spray was immense and we all got soaked. But the views were spectacular and plentiful. We then walked above the falls and saw how quickly the water went from gentle rapids to going Ivette edge; and despite this a woman was fishing in the waters only 20m from the drop.

Then we walked down into the gorge to the ‘boiling pot’; the walk was a bit like walking through the set of Jurassic World with steep-sided cliffs, stream and plenty of different types of vegetation. We saw baboons, possums and hornbills before coming to the point where the Zambezi flows in a maelstrom through the gorge. The waters here churn and flow in an almost circular motion but incredibly quickly. It was all quite breathtaking. 

On our home bound drive we were very fortunate to see elephants cross the road - a group of adults, young and babies all together. A great taste of what is to come on safari over the next three days. 

All in all, Victoria Falls far exceeded all our expectations and we had an incredible and very special day.

Blog 1: Adjusting to Africa

The students arrived safely!

Jollyboys is their first home from home!

Our very lucky students get to take in their first views of the Zambezi river!

Learning about traditional cuisine

And trying the local delicacy - fried caterpillar!

A campfire debrief - what a day!