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Talented Year 13 student accepts annual Scholarship for Scientific Engagement!

Sarah Stevens, one of our Year 13s has been awarded this year’s emotive Prize for Scientific Engagement, a much-revered scholarship offered by the school in partnership with its corporate supporter, global healthcare communications agency, emotive.

The scholarship includes the opportunity to undertake work-experience and an internship at the London offices of emotive. Sarah will spend time in each department before becoming a fully-fledged member of the team during the summer break at the end of her first year at the University of York. In addition to this, she will also receive Apple computer equipment and books vouchers to put towards course books.

‘I am very excited and grateful to have received the emotive scholarship which will be fantastic for starting my degree in Biology at the University of York this September. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with emotive to apply my experiences as a STEM Prefect in the Life Sciences Industry.’ - Sarah.

Encouraging young women to take up STEM-centric study and careers is a driving force for emotive so their decision to partner with a girls’ grammar school was a natural one. In 2016, they were supporters of the school’s ‘Inspiring Sciences’ fundraising campaign, playing a key role in raising the money to refurbish and upgrade three science labs. Currently, the emotive lab is dedicated to the study of A ‘Level chemistry as part of a three-year sponsorship deal with the consultancy.

‘We are so pleased to be able to support a young woman at the start of her career in science. Sarah Stevens is the third winner of the emotive prize for scientific engagement and by all accounts, a very deserving one. We hope that the opportunity to work at the emotive London office will inspire her and others, to consider a career in the healthcare communications industry. Perhaps in a few years we will see her back here at our graduate recruitment day!’ - Kate Haynes, Scientific Lead at emotive.

Having emotive on board also supports Beaconsfield High’s ambitious strategy to develop unique and exceptional opportunities for its students beyond the classroom and their time at the school.  

‘This generous scholarship allows us to connect our students with the world of work; a key area that all schools should be developing. More than that, it allows some of our most aspirational students to access support and opportunity as they make the next step towards university. Who knows what the impact will be on Sarah’s life in the future, but for both emotive and Sarah, they have the chance to forge links that go beyond the boundaries of Beaconsfield High School.’ - Headteacher, Rachel Smith

Beaconsfield High School is actively seeking further business supporters for its scholarship programme. If you run a business that can be linked to one of the school’s A-Level subjects and have a keen desire to fulfil a CSR strategy, or to support young people in your community, please get in touch via marketing@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk.