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Student achieves top Geography A-Level score globally

Beaconsfield High School is celebrating after one of its A-Level students achieved the world’s top score this summer in her AQA Physical Geography examination, including 100% in the essay section.

Now-alumna Hannah topped the table of 12,500 students who took the AQA examination in the UK and across all international schools, with 116/120 on her paper. In the essay portion of the exam, a total of three questions, Hannah achieved the top score of 20/20, contributing to her top position. Hannah will now study Geography at a renowned English university, where its Geography department is revered as the most exceptional in the country.

The school’s Geography department is not unaccustomed to success, having achieved the best A-Level results in Buckinghamshire just two years ago. Headteacher Mrs Smith puts this down to both remarkable students and remarkable teaching staff: “I am so proud of Hannah, who is a fine example of our happy, high-achieving ethos – she worked hard and continued to push herself, and the effort paid off.

“Our Geography department features a stable and highly experienced team, with consistent quality teaching and passionate geographers. A special mention must go to Mrs Dixon, one of our most practised teachers, who delivered the A-Level Physical Geography curriculum content so effectively.”

The school achieved outstanding results in this year’s A-Levels, with 15.4% of all grades A*, and 46.5% of all grades at A* or A. In the first year of reformed A-Level results, where the content was much more demanding and required students to not only learn but also apply their knowledge, this is a remarkable achievement.