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Sports teams off to Regional Finals!

Sports teams off to Regional Finals!

Netball Regional Finalists


The Beaconsfield High School U18 and U16 netball squads have both made it through to the National Schools Regional Championships after an impressive day of battling it out against top county teams.

The U18 team, including long-term members and new squad entries, took on four serious contenders at the Buckinghamshire County Rounds of the National Schools Championship on Saturday 4thNovember, succeeding to head to the Regional rounds in January 2018. Likewise, the U16 team made their win look easy as they too came 1st in the county rounds. See match commentary below.

The U14 team performed exceptionally well, coming third overall, but unfortunately just missed out on going to the regional rounds as only the top two teams make it through.

Indoor Hockey Regional Finalists

In Hockey news, the U16 Indoor Hockey team will for the first time be going to Regional finals after coming second in the Heats round! 

Despite their nerves about the games ahead, the team soon settled and played some excellent indoor hockey, before taking that all important second place with access to the Regional finals. Our teams only start indoor hockey in Year 10 and 11 so they really have done an outstanding job!

 The U18 Indoor Hockey team has got through to Regional Finals on Sunday 10th December after competing in the Indoor Hockey Regional Heats.

The team started the day brilliantly, beating Worth 4-0 but knew their next game would be the big one, taking on Wellington College. The game was extremely exciting and very tense as it went 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 and was poised at 2-2 at half time.

The students came out in the second half with the real belief and desire to come out on top and they scored the third goal, then withstood a barrage of attacks from Wellington before scoring a fourth to finish the game 4-2 winners; an outstanding game of indoor hockey!

The last game of the day was against Aylesbury High and with any two of three teams still able to get through to Regional Finals the game was an important one, as was evident by the 1-1 score line at half time. The team then pushed on in the second half scoring two goals in quick succession and Aylesbury High could not find a way back, leaving Beaconsfield High School the winners and off to the regional finals!

 U18 netball match commentary by team captain

The light rain and wet courts didn’t dampen the mood of the U19 Beaconsfield High squad at Kingsmead on Saturday 4th November as we arrived at the Buckinghamshire County Rounds bright and early and ready to win. 

After a thorough warm up and a comprehensive team briefing from Head Coach Stephen Ford, the team morale was at an all-time high. Sir William Borlase, the first match, was bound to be one of our toughest games. We took to the court with confidence and optimism and this quickly paid off as we took our first centre pass straight to goal. With some stunning performances especially from Hattie Heppner-Logan and Isabel Highsted, we stole our first win 11-6. 

After a good start, it was safe to say the squad were fully warmed up and in the zone. The back to back games meant there was no time for rest, so we entered our next match against Chesham Grammar School on a high; Ibby Akinsewe made her first debut for the squad and tenaciously played GK, making numerous tip and interceptions. The combination of brilliant play-making and feeding from Lauren Torley and solid shooting and movement from Natayla Short meant were began energetically and maintained a good level of intensity during the rest of the match, stealing yet another win 22-3. 

By the third game, bodies were beginning to fatigue but the drive to win didn’t tire. Wycombe Abbey, a local derby, gave us one of the tougher matches we endured during the day due to their loud supportive bench and their own determination to win. The low scoring game meant the defence through court was unbelievably effective and our player of the tournament, Daisy Barrows, gave a magnificent performance as WD, taking more than several interceptions, which were safely converted to goals via our superb attacking unit.

It was goal for goal and the nail-biting match was intensified by the deafening benches, leaving the score at 2-1 at half time. Ultimately, Sadie Thomas demonstrated her elite skillset and worked the circle defenders into the ground and overall truly played relentlessly as GA, resulting in a 10-5 win.

Still on an exhilarating high from the previous game, the last match of the day was against Wycombe High, where the team united and pushed to end on a win, additionally the powerful combination of Amber Bains and Natayla Short made its debut. The tall defenders heartily protected the post with their pressure, tips, interceptions and through court play, which led to plentiful goals.

Our newest shooter, Olivia Ball also made her first appearance on court for BHS earlier in the day and returned for the fourth match only to play a flawless GA complete with strong movement and excellent shooting leaving the score at 15-4; we took our last win of the day meaning we immediately qualified for the Regional rounds in January. Overall, not only was it a great day of winning, but also a chance to show off new combinations and tactics developed in training.

U16 netball match commentary by team captain

Our goal for the tournament was to win every match by aiming to be ahead by the end of the first half and maintaining a large goal difference so that we would be a in a safer position if the tournament positions came down to goal difference.

Coach Sonia selected our starting seven for our first match against Marlow. It was a comfortable win and a good start for the tournament.

The same seven were played in a tougher match against Dr Challoner’s High School with Madeline Harlow coming on as WA and Beth as GK in the second half.  All subs made a great effort and we maintained a good goal difference.

In our next match against Pipers Corner, Annabelle Cowan played GS and Anna Hume was GA. Beth, Tilly Daymond and Madeline Harlow went on in the second half. Tilly suffered a nasty fall and was replaced by Ella Patrick. The competition was not our hardest and we won comfortably.

After a short break we had our two hardest matches back to back; firstly, against Wycombe High followed by Wycombe Abbey.  Sonia reverted back to the original starting seven for both of these matches.  We lost the first half to Wycombe High, but after a strong team talk and a regained focus we fought back to win.  

We had earlier discovered that Wycombe High had only just beaten Wycombe Abbey so we knew we had a tough match ahead of us.  After one successful turnover we maintained pressure and possession and won.

Our next match was against Amersham and we had Annabelle, Tilly, Madeline and Beth back on court for a successful match. 

Sonia was unsure of the standard of Chesham Grammar so began with the original starting seven.  It was soon apparent that they were not a strong squad and all subs went on in the second half. After six games we took the title as County Champion and we’re off to the finals in January!