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Innovative partnership introduces remarkable creative facilities

Beaconsfield High School continues to lead the way as an ambitious centre of excellence for sport and creativity, with the introduction of a range of advanced dance and gymnastics facilities as part of its unique partnership with local medal winning cheerleading and gymnastics squad Chiltern Cheetahs.

The top school in the county has agreed a long-term deal with the cheerleading club, which is led by alumna and professional gymnastics and cheerleading coach Jessica Goodall, that will see the Chiltern Cheetahs install a competition-ready 10 panel sprung floor in the school’s existing gymnasium during May half-term. Once installed, the gym will continue to be used for school curriculum lessons, as the sprung floor will sit on a fully operational dance floor, giving students an even greater experience in their Dance and PE lessons. Outside of school hours the gym will then become the exclusive training base for the squad, with the appropriate facilities to not only train for regional and national competitions but also open up opportunities to compete at World and Olympic Championships.

A feasibility study is currently underway to determine whether the two organisations can embark on co-fundraising and co-building a new performance arts centre suitable for dance, drama and cheerleading. The positives abound for the school – which already leads in hockey and netball – as it would provide an education-enhancing drama and dance space, with even more possibilities for a broad and dynamic PE curriculum.

Rachel Smith, Headteacher comments: “I’m thrilled to be working with a local community organisation – led by one of our alumna no less – to develop facilities that improve the education, fitness and confidence of young people, both students and squad members alike. As the top school in the county, with a well-earned reputation as leaders in PE, it is our priority to continually evolve our progressive and best-in-class sporting and creative curriculums in order to remain ahead of the curve, and forming such an incomparable partnership with Chiltern Cheetahs achieves just that.

“Our Creative Arts department is led by a highly experienced and skilful teacher and, even with the school’s aging facilities – thanks to remaining one of the lowest funded state secondary schools in the UK for so long – he and his team have achieved so much. However, there is no doubt that an innovative learning environment would bring on our students leaps and bounds. We and Chiltern Cheetahs are committed to being the best we can be, and this partnership facilitates our ambitions.”

For further information please contact Amy Thompson, Marketing & Development Director

Thomps-a@beaconsfieldhigh.bucks.sch.uk | 07826 902387


Chiltern Cheerleaders is a competitive cheerleading and gymnastics squad based in Buckinghamshire and was founded in September 2012 by Beaconsfield High School alumna Jessica Goodall. The squad focuses on learning routines to compete at Regional and National Competitions throughout the year. The sessions involve stunts, gymnastics tumbles, dance and jumps and focus on teamwork, commitment, building confidence and improving fitness. There are teams for all levels, from beginner to elite.

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