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Review: Louise O'Neill author visit

On Tuesday 1st May, Year 9 and 10 were visited by Louise O’Neill; a young writer who introduced her recently released novel; a reimagining of the little Mermaid; ‘The Surface Breaks’.

She commented on her motives for writing, her political and feminist views, and expressed how her personal experiences have influenced her storylines. Previously, O’Neill had written dystopian fiction such as the dystopian novel ‘Only ever yours’, which is being made into a film later in the year. She has also written ‘Asking for it’ and ‘Almost love’, which she had been writing when she received the offer for the ‘Surface Breaks’. Since talking to our peers, it is evident that Lousie O’Neill was an engaging author, and inspired many of us to embark on the art of creative writing. The admiration for her was intensified through her talk of personal experiences, and how this impacted her books.

The novel, ‘The Surface Breaks’, is a reimagining of the traditional fairytale ‘The Little Mermaid’, which exposes the subliminal messages hidden in many childhood fairytales. She has altered the story to convey feminist interpretations within the storyline. Many students have bought the book after her enthralling and inspirational presentation, feeling a sense of connection.

Year 9 and 10 would like to thank Louise O’Neill for her thouroughly enjoyable talk – we hope to see you again and good luck with your future novels, we will certainly be reading them!   

By Molly Ayre and Emma Hobson