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Review: BHS Annual Music Competition 2018

Last week saw Becky High’s annual Music Competition take place with over 100 girls taking part over the three day event. Students could compete in a range of classes with something for every grade and every instrument. The performances were of an exceptionally high standard and it was brilliant to see so many students take part in the event.

Last Thursday evening saw the winners from each class compete in the Finalists Competition, with our guest judge –Belinda Mikhail- having the very tricky task of deciding the runner up and winner of Grades 1-4, Grades 5-6 and the Grades 7+ class. The students all performed beautifully that evening – each performance was exceptionally well prepared and it was a real pleasure to sit back and listen to some exceptionally talented musicians. During the adjudication period, the audience were treated to a performance by Elizabeth Corbett who was last year’s winner of the competition.

The runners-up and winners of this year’s competition can be found below but huge congratulations to LEANNE YEUNG (Year 11) who was the overall winner of the competition. She performed Sibelius’ Romance written for piano.

Congratulations to all the students who performed over the course of the competition and I look forward to hearing you all again next year!

Miss Goodhall, Head of Music 


Overall Winner:

Leanne Yeung (Year 11)

Runner Up:

Georgia Edwards (Year 11)

Grades 5-6: Winner:

Rachie Ing

Lizzie Baldwin (Year 11)

Runner Up:

Charlotte Lampe (Year 10)

Runner Up:

Heather McAlister (Year 11)

Grades 1-4: WINNER:

Nicole Cheung (Year 7)

Runner Up:

Danika Meswani (Year 8)

Niveka Liyanagoonawardana (Year 8)

Freya Maw (Year 8)