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Prizes galore at Young Enterprise Showcase Final

On Friday 23rd March two Young Enterprise teams from Beaconsfield High School participated in the yearly Young Enterprise final. This is a culmination of six months hard work where a group of students come together to set up a company and aim to make as much money as possible. 

Both teams this year decided to focus on selling technological products. Venus sold phone cases and Takeover sold pop sockets. Both teams have been selling their products in school and at events across Buckinghamshire.

The skills learnt through Young Enterprise epitomise the ‘Getting Life Ready’ focus ingrained at Becky High. Creativity, commitment and collaborative working are essential. Getting up early in the morning to spend the day trading at fairs requires both resourcefulness and a resilience that prepares students for the world of work.  Both teams have been taking risks (with their own money!) in the hope of financial rewards.  The final was an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt. 

The Managing Director of Venus and the school's newest Head Girl, Simran Sadhra said: “Young Enterprise has been an incredible and rewarding experience. As a team we have learnt new skills that will help us in the world of work. We would like to thank our business advisors Susie Easterbrook and Keith Loxley, as well as Mrs Reid, for advising and supporting us throughout this journey.”

Team Venus was successful in the final.  Following on from winning a prize for the Best Trade Stand at the Becky High Christmas Fair, they won the Best Company Report of the year Friday and were runner up in the prize for Best Trade Stand. 



Simran Sadhra (Managing Director)

Lois Toumieux

Taylor Highsted

Sophie Hales

Jess Woodrow

Daisy Barrows

Frances Jones

Nora Jamali

Chloe Jamali

Tieran Virdee

Noor Shah


Anjali Dutta (Managing Director)

Roop Bains

Sanjana Rahman

Anya Arora

 Jade Drummond

Ashleen Sappal 

Mrs Reid
Head of Business & Economics