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Performance storyteller brings more history to life

Reviewed by Maya Tiwana (7RAM)

On Tuesday 5th June, Anna Conomos came to Beaconsfield High School to perform a breath taking and sincere theatrical play. The play was set during World War II and it was about the innocent and courageous people of Crete and how they risked their lives for freedom in their country.

Anna played a girl called Ririka and told how she became a messenger from being just a normal town girl. It showed how lucky we are not to be in a War and what arduous lives they had to live then.

Anna told us she went to Crete and asked the local elderly people about their experiences in the War (they were children then) and the difficulties they had to overcome to regain freedom. She then took their experiences and tied it in with her own play.

When Anna performed, she stayed in character all the way through. For example, when she was a normal town girl she was cheerful and happy but when she realised all the houses were demolished she acted in a way that made us feel the sadness she did.

I really enjoyed it and I hope Anna comes into school again and tells us more about her adventures.