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Harry Potter and the Y5 STEMers

By Ella Westcott (Sixth Former)

Last Thursday three classes of Y5 students from Holtspur and Butlers Court primary schools came to our school to do a Harry Potter themed STEM day. The students were led through the labs that had been completely transformed by the technicians to look like Hogwarts class rooms, complete with our own crime scene!

The three teachers leading the day dressed as Dolores Umbridge, Professor McGonagall and Professor Trelawney, as well as 12 sixth form students all dressed up in the Harry Potter theme.

The aim of the day was to figure out who killed Filch, the caretaker. The young students completed a series of scientific tests, such as thread samples under microscopes. The main highlight that came up when they spoke about the day was doing the flame tests. This was the first time they had used a Bunsen burner and they were excited at the prospect of fire alone! The flame test required the Y5 students to put potions on a splint and put it into the flame. This made the flame go either bright red, orange, lilac or green. They then had to match the colour to the potion found at the crime scene to give them a clue to who the murderer was.

After completing the whole day the Y5s had not only solved the puzzle but experienced science in a really fun and imaginative way.