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Welcome to our new Year 7 parents! 

Welcome to the page dedicated to our new Year 7 parents!  Below you'll find all the information you'll need to support your child's start at Becky High.  The page will be updated as and when new information is made available.  For a snapshot of daily life, why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo!

New Parent Guide 

This is a comprehensive guide with, we hope, all the information you need for the year ahead.  It contains information about our uniform and equipment, our school payment system, the cafeteria, reports and assessments, how to report an absence and what to do if your child is ill at school, plus a welcome from Mrs Hill, our Headteacher, and Mr Gleeson, our Head of Year 7.  If, after reading this guide, you have a query, please do not hesitate to email us

Key dates flyer



Lunch and after school clubs

From Coding and Greek Club, to Athletics and Dance, there are a whole host of clubs, teams and ensembles available to challenge your child's mind, test their body and inspire their soul.  Why not take a look at our current list of clubs here, you can also see a list of school trips and residentials we are offering this year on that page too.

Music Lessons

Parent Letters

If your email account is with Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail you may find emails end up in spam or get bounced.  It may be that your service provider has flagged us as spam mail in which case you will need to add us as a safe user please see this link for instructions on how to do this:

Please note although the email shows as coming from Beaconsfield High School, but the email address is SC8255402a@schoolcomms.com.

Parent letter - 17.05.23

Coping with Change

Second-Hand Uniform - Sale CANCELLED

The second-hand uniform shop sells the legacy uniform, the majority of which new Year 7s will not be wearing.  For this reason, we are not going to hold a sale on Saturday 10th June. Instead, we will be selling BHS blazers and skirts before and after the Year 7 Parent Welcome Evening on Tuesday 4th July.

Once term begins in September, students and parents can buy uniform (not then legacy uniform) from the second-hand shop every Friday lunchtime. If you are able to commit to an hour, one or two Fridays every term and would like to join the parents who run the Second-Hand Uniform Shop, please email Roop Kumar.

Summer Camp, 31st Aug - 1st Sep

We are holding a summer camp for incoming Year 7 students on the 31st August - 1st September between 09:00 and 15:00.  The camp will be both fun and educational but most importantly will help to reassure your child as they embark on their secondary school adventure.  There will be a cost per child, per day (payable on ScoPay) but this is dependant on the number of students that sign up.  The camp is not compulsory however it's a great opportunity for your child to get to know the school lay out and start making friends which will help them feel more settled about joining us in September.

Students are to wear comfortable clothes (trainers, joggers, t shirt and a hoodie). Please ensure your child also has a waterproof and or sun cream / hat as some of the time they will be outside. Your child will need a packed lunch for the day and plenty of water (no fizzy/energy drinks please). Please ensure you do not bring any nuts into school as we are a nut free zone.  They should also bring a pencil case.

To reserve a place for your child please click on this link before June 10th. 

Summer Reading List

Supporting Becky High

Transport to school

Home to school transport is handled by Buckinghamshire Council Passenger Transport and not the staff at Beaconsfield High School. For information regarding bus stops and approximate timings from September 2023 please click here.  If you have any queries regarding the Buckinghamshire Council School Transport Policy, please contact them on 0845 3708 090.

Uniform Fitting Dates


Sportcrest is our uniform supplier for new uniform.  The uniform policy and information about our Second-Hand Uniform Shop can be found here.  A uniform list can also be found in the New Parent Guide above.

Naming school uniform

In a school of over 1000 students, it would be beneficial if all items of school uniform were labelled. Woven and/or printed name tapes can be ordered online, via the Sportcrest website or you can purchase a laundry marker from Amazon and most stationery shops. 

Additional uniform items

Students will be required to purchase a House T-shirt from Sportcrest. They will be worn at various House events throughout the year.