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BBC News School Report

The Beaconsfield High School reporters make the news for real on Thursday 15 March 2018 as they take part in BBC News School Report. They research, write, proof read and, as tensions tighten in the newsroom, they achieve the 4pm deadline for publishing  their articles live online.  Well done to all who took part! 

BBC News Team  


 Why we need to reduce plastic


Should American Gun Laws be Changed?

 The story of my charity - The Pyjama Fund

Pollution and Climate Change


Grammar schools - good or bad?


Fake News-All you need to Know


Should Cheerleading be an Olympic Sport?


Are smart phones an advantage or disadvantage to our modern day lives?


"Founding Father" of English history


Diabetes - Facing the facts




Does homework cause stress?


Are school days too long in the UK?

The Troubles of Technology and Can We Manage without It?

How important are non-academic subjects?


When I Grow Up- Careers Guidance at Schools


Stephen Hawking: A legend of Science


Derealisation - What is it?

 Should We Go To Mars?


Exercise In Childhood- Is There Enough and Is It Worth It?
Should Women Have the Right to an Abortion?
Plastic Pollution: The Sea is Suffering


The NHS Crisis
Should phones be used in school?
Selective Mutism: More Than Just Shy


Black Holes
The Importance of Sleep
How Has Education Changed Over the Past 20 Years?
Feminism- How Far Have We Come?
Should Zoos be Banned?
Students and Stress
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