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A Level History 

Examination Board:  Edexcel

The History department continues to be a vibrant and innovative department which offers a range of historical studies to our students. The courses we teach allows our students to engage with a wide variety of historical events, people and developments and are designed to enthuse our students, allowing them to achieve the very best results they can.

                                Modern History                                                                  

Paper 1                  Britain Transformed: 1918 - 97

Paper 2                  The USA 1955 – 92: Conformity & Challenge

Paper 3                  Ireland & the Union: 1774 – 1923

Paper 4                 Coursework: Choice of topic


                             Early Modern History

Paper 1                  England 1509 – 1603: Authority, Nation & Religion

Paper 2                  Luther & the German Reformation 1515 - 55

Paper 3                  The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe & North America 1580 – 1750

Paper 4                 Coursework: Choice of topic  

Course Structure:  

Essential information: 

  • This course enables students to study some of the formative developments in British, European and world History, and the way these affected the lives of people living through them.  
  • The History department has a continuing track record of success in achieving high grades, entrance into top universities and offering all of our students the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential.  
  • History is valuable for the transferable skills it develops – and as such is highly recognised by institutions and employers; historians are found in many professions – especially law, journalism and finance.  
  • It combines well with many other subjects – especially English, Modern Foreign Languages, Politics, & Economics, but many students have successfully combined it with sciences.