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A Level Further Maths 

Examination Board - Edexcel 

A-Level Further Mathematics is an excellent foundation for both further study and employment. It is a particularly impressive qualification that demonstrates core intelligence, a logical mind and excellent problem-solving skills.

Someone wanting to study Mathematics as a degree would be well advised to take Further Maths. It is a requirement for many universities. It is also very useful for those wanting to study economics, actuarial studies, or any mathematics based subject.

Further Maths can only be taken as a 4th A Level.  

Students studying Further Mathematics obtain two Advanced Levels over the two years, one in Mathematics and one in Further Mathematics. 

Over the two years you will study equally weighted modules (Further Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Decision Maths and Mechanics)

Regular testing occurs at the end of modules, plus a termly assessment which enables students to reflect on their progress and understanding. Students take four 90 minute examinations at the end of the course and each examination is equally weighted

Students must have achieved Grade 9 at GCSE. It goes without saying that students who really enjoy mathematics and in particular solving complex problems will flourish on this course and we cannot underestimate that you will need to have a very high degree of both fluency and competency in Algebra. Although Additional Further Mathematics is not a requirement, it is a beneficial qualification. 

Further Mathematics not only provides the best foundation for those aiming to continue studying Mathematics, but also delivers superb support for Economics, Computing, Engineering and Sciences.  The challenge provided is an excellent preparation for studying at a greater depth in most other subjects.