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6th Form LOA

In exceptional circumstances, requests for Leave of Absence can be made to the Attendance Officer.  This may include requests to attend a wedding, a university visit/ interview, driving tests (not lessons), work experience, county level sport, and students in entertainment.

Any request for Leave of Absence for Sixth Form should be made using the online form below or via a hardcopy of the Request for Leave of Absence form here.  Please allow at least two weeks’ notice between the request and the actual date for which you have applied.  Please include an explanation of why this leave of absence needs to be taken during term time. Once your request has been considered, a reply will be sent to the parental email(s) registered with the school or in the case of the Sixth Form directly to the student’s email.

Please note that the School cannot lawfully grant leave of absence for family holidays, except under clearly exceptional circumstances, and requests for LOA, in line with Government Guidelines, will normally not be authorised.

Beaconsfield High School Attendance Policy 

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